During the past 11 years, a sweet Asian girl made herself a name as one of the very few globally successful female artists in electronic music: NAKADiA .This energy-loaded “wunderkind” has developed from unknown Thai DJ to become the unique artist that NAKADiA is today.

She has been rocking dance floors around the world: close to 1000 performances across 56 countries at many of the world’s best clubs – this is her achievement so far. But NAKADiA is just getting started: During 2013 her performances at “Sankeys” (Ibiza), “The Egg” (London), “Westerunie” (Amsterdam) or her set at the anniversary of “Kater Holzig” (Berlin) showed that NAKADiA can stand out and shine even within the best line ups at the best clubs. She surprises with highest musical- and technical quality, played in such an energetic way, even the biggest doubters become supporters after witnessing a NAKADiA performance.

Since 2011 NAKADiA calls Berlin her home and after moving to the capital of electronic music, she finally found the time and opportunity to concentrate on studio work. With her releases in 2012 and 2013 she proved that she is more than just another pretty face. The Technasia remix of NAKADiA’s “Check & Run” EP on “Clarisse records” managed to stay 7 week continuous within the Techno top 40 on Beatport. Most prominent feedback: “I love this EP!” (Laurent Garnier). With much support from all corners of the scene, requests from some of the biggest labels and re-mix co-operations in planning for 2014, NAKADiA’s production career is taking the next level.

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